IMO-Singapore Future of Shipping Conference

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Friday, 23 April 2021

4pm – 6.50pm(Singapore Time)
9am – 11.50am(British Summer Time)


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International shipping moves more than 80% of global trade, helping drive socio-economic development the world over. The International Maritime Organization (IMO), its Member States, civil society and the shipping industry have been working together to establish and maintain a global framework of regulations and recommendations to ensure that shipping continues to provide a safe, clean, dependable and efficient form of transportation.

International shipping is also on the cusp of change, driven by new tools made available by digitalisation and the growing imperative to decarbonise. Work is already underway at IMO on these areas. The IMO-Singapore Future of Shipping Conference seeks views from key players on building a coordinated global approach and on tapping new opportunities for safer, cleaner and more efficient shipping.

International Maritime Organization 
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore 


Ms Kamsinah Nasir

Target Audience
Maritime administrations, shipping industry, port authorities, port operators, maritime start-ups, international organisations, academia


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