6 to 7 April

9am - 5.00pm

Marina Bay Sands

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MTEC/ICMASS is jointly organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and The Research Council of Norway (RCN), in partnership with Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) and SINTEF Ocean.

The conference provides an avenue to create partnerships and collaborations amongst researchers, academics, engineers, and professionals in the maritime, port, and adjacent industries. Besides, to demonstrate thought leadership in maritime R&D specifically on Green Ports, Maritime Digitalisation, Connectivity & Cybersecurity, Smart and Autonomous Shipping, and Maritime Safety.

Nearly 80 global researchers, expert engineers, and scientists from 17 countries will present groundbreaking research findings that will lead to future-proof products, services, and applications for the maritime industry.


Time Programme

Innovation@SMW & Sustainability@SMW Joint Opening Plenary

  • Opening Remarks by Mr Kenneth Lim, Assistant Chief Executive (Industry), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
  • Keynote Address by Ambassador Eivind Homme, Norway Ambassador to Singapore
10.00amMorning Tea Break
 Track A:
Maritime Digitalisation, Connectivity and Cybersecurity
Track B:
Maritime Safety
 Chairman: Chua Kie Hian, Director, Special Duties (CEAOPS), Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore & Knut Erik Knutsen, Principal Researcher, DNV ASChairman: Daniel Zhang, Centre Director, Centre Of Excellence In Maritime Safety (CEMS) & Minsu Jeon, Technical Manager, IALA
DigiShip - Digitalisation of Ship Operations

Yue Siew Peng, Senior Manager, ST Engineering
Authors: YUE Siew Peng, CHUA Teun Yee, FAN Jun Wei
Experimental Study on Smoke Flow Behaviour under Ships' Deck Structures in Early Stages of Fire
Arata Kimura, Chief Researcher, National Maritime Research Institute
Authors: Arata Kimura, Yasushi Oka, Hideyuki Oka, Susumu Ota
Guidelines for Cyber Risk Management in Shipboard Operational Technology Systems 
Priyanga Rajaram, Senior Research Assistant, iTrust, Centre for Research in Cyber Security, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) 
Authors: Priyanga Rajaram, Ruchitha Dumbala, Mark Goh Voon Wei, Jianying Zhou
Network Resilience of Port Infrastructure and Processes
Shen Yu, PhD student, Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, National University of Singapore 
Authors: YU SHEN, Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew
Deriving Tidal Currents from AIS Data
Lucas Yiew, Engineering Design Centre (EDC), Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore
Authors: Lucas J. Yiew, Kie Hian Chua, Jeng Hei Chow, Allan R. Magee
Maritime Traffic Hotspot Detection and Forecasting for Safety Management
Xiao Zhe, Scientist III, Institute of High Performance Computing 
Authors: Xiuju Fu, Zhe Xiao, Liye Zhang, Ning Li, Wanbing Zhang
Numerical Predictions of Wind-Waves in Singapore Region
Chow Jeng Hei, Scientist, Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore 
Authors: Jeng Hei CHOW, Kie Hian CHUA, Pavel TKALICH 
Concept Design of a Digital Twin Architecture for Ship Structural Health Management
Cheng Zhiping, Scientist, Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore
Authors: Zhiping Cheng, Eric Tan, Minbo Cai, Kie Hian Chua, Allan Magee
From Automation to Autonomous and Beyond
Jonathan Lee, Assistant Vice President (Smart System Solutions), PSA Corporation Limited 
Authors: Alvin Foo, Jonathan Lee
AI-Based Situation Awareness Assessment
Kenneth Kwok, Principal Research Scientist, Institute of High Performance Computing 
Authors: Kenneth Kwok, Satinder Singh Virdi
Ship Navigation and Fuel Profiling based on Noon Report using Neural Network Generative Modelling
Januwar Hadi, Research Engineer, Singapore Institute of Technology
Authors: Januwar Hadi, Dimitrios Konovessis, Tay Zhi Yung 
Thoughts on Next Generation Vessel Traffic Services Systems – Design and Implementation
Xiuju Fu, Group Manager (Senior Scientist III), Institute of High Performance Computing 
Authors: Xiuju Fu, Zhe Xiao, Liangbin Zhao, Liye Zhang, Ning Li, Wanbing Zhang
12.30pmNetworking Lunch
Networking Lunch
Containerized Immutable Data Sharing Utilizing Distributed Ledger Technologies
Knut Erik Knutsen, Principal Researcher, DNV AS
Authors: Knut Erik KNUTSEN, Qin LIANG,
Nikita KARANDIKAR, Imran Halimi BIN IBRAHIM, Xiao Gang Tony TONG, Jacob Jun Hui TAM
AI-based Competency Assessment for Enhancement of Safety in Navigation
Capt. Satinder Singh Virdi, Senior Manager, Principle Investigator, Singapore Maritime Academy, Centre of Excellence for Maritime Safety, Singapore Polytechnic 
Authors: Satinder Singh Virdi, Lili Liu, Yisi Liu, Samuel Hon, Daniel Zhang
Port of the Future – Addressing Digitalization, Operational Efficiency and Sustainability Though Out a Prototyping Framework for Agile Smart Services Development in Seaports
Alexandr Tardo, Researcher, Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni (CNIT) 
Authors: Alexandr Tardo, Shivaprakash Rao
Analysing the Need for Safety Crew Onboard Autonomous Passenger Ships – A Case Study on Urban Passenger Transport in Norwegian Waters
Even Ambros Holte, Research Scientist, SINTEF Ocean 
Authors: Even Ambros Holte, Lars Andreas Lien Wennersberg 
Smart Fairways – Co-design of Future Fairways in Finland
Marikka Heikkilä, Research Director, University of Turku, School of Economics
Authors: Marikka Heikkilä, Jouni Saarni, Heidi Himmanen, Jukka Heikkilä

Marine AtoN as Intelligent Infrastructure
Minsu Jeon, Technical manager, IALA

Author: Minsu JEON 

Ship-Shore Interaction: The Model in the Middle
Marianne Hagaseth, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Ocean 
Authors: Marianne Hagaseth, Jeppe Skovbakke Juhl
Development of the Comprehensive Simulation System for Autonomous Ships
Makiko MINAMI, Senior Researcher, National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology, Japan
Authors: Makiko MINAMI, Mitsuru KOBAYASHI, Kenjiro HIKIDA, Kentaroh KOKUBUN
2.30pm[End of Track A]


Application of Dynamic-Task-Based Hazard Identification Method to Remote Operation of Experimental Ship Shinpo
KUDO Junichi, Chief researcher, National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology 
Authors: MIYAKE Rina, KUDO Junichi, ISHIMURA Eiko, SHIOKARI Megumi, ITOH Hiroko, YUZUI Tomohiro, KAWASHIMA Sonoko, HIRATA Koichi, NIKI Yoichi, INABA Shogo, KOBAYASHI Mitsuru, SAWADA Ryohei 
2.45pm (Online)
Virtual Reality-based Freefall Lifeboat Training
Chit Htwe, Manager, Singapore Polytechnic
Authors: Chit Htwe, Sahwan Osman, Mohd Fadil Yunos, Yong Thiang Ng, Rijian Tan, Wil Lim, Yisi Liu, Daniel Zhang
3.00pmAfternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea
 Track C:
Smart and Autonomous Shipping
Track B:
Maritime Safety
 Chairman: Knut Erik Knutsen, Principal Researcher, DNV AS
Levels of Autonomy for Ships
Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, Senior Researcher, SINTEF Ocean 
Authors: Ørnulf Jan RØDSETH, Lars Andreas Lien Wennersberg, Håvard Nordahl; Ann-Sofie Pauwelyn
Objective and Intelligent Training and Assessment Package for Maritime Training in Simulator
Osman Bin Sam, Senior Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic 
Authors: Osman Sam, Diem Le, Gerard Anthony ANG, Yisi Liu, Daniel Zhang 
What Can MASS Remote Operation Centres Learn from ATC Remote Towers?
Todd Schuett, Innovation Projects Manager, Kongsberg Norcontrol & Pia Meling, Vice President, Massterly
Authors: Todd Schuett, Pia Meling
Study on Safety Risk Assessment of Marine LNG Bunkering Operation
LIU Chen, Associate Researcher, China Waterborne Transport Research Institute
Authors: LIU Chen, CHEN Rong-chang 

The Need for Collaborative Business Models in Autonomous Vessel Ecosystems
Dag Atle Nesheim, Research Scientist Energy and Transport, SINTEF Ocean
Authors: Dag Atle Nesheim, Jesper Raakjær, Odd Erik Mørkrid, Jimmi Normann Kristiansen

Implementing Resilience in Port Domain. Evidence from Greece
Petros Pallis, Post Doc Teaching Fellow, Department of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus 
Authors: Constantinos I. Chlomoudis, Petros L. Pallis 
Key Performance Indicators for Autonomous Ships Characterisation
Prof. Gerasimos Theotokatos, Maritime Safety Research Centre Director, Maritime Safety Research Centre | Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering | University of Strathclyde
Authors: Gerasimos Theotokatos, Victor Bolbot, Paul Lee, Lars Andreas Wennersberg, Håvard Nordahl, Dag Atle Nesheim
Safety and Assurance of Autonomous ships: Framing of Research Actions
Mary Ann Lundteigen, Professor & Director SFI AutoShip, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 
Authors: Mary Ann Lundteigen, Ingrid B. Utne 
The Importance of Documenting Autonomous Tests and Trails
Pauline Røstum Bellingmo, Master of Science, SINTEF Ocean 
Authors: Pauline Røstum Bellingmo, Kay Fjørtoft, Ulrik Jørgensen, Inger Lill Bratbergsengen, Jose Vicente Perello Gisbert 
Standardization of Risk Assessment in Navigation
Jens Froese, Professor emeritus, Technical University Hamburg
Author: Jens Froese
Autonomous Ship Concept Evaluation - Quantification of Competitiveness and Societal Impact
Håvard Nordahl, Research Scientist, SINTEF Ocean 
Authors: Håvard Nordahl, Dag Atle Nesheim; Lars Andreas Lien Wennersberg 
Evolution of Safety in Marine Systems: From System-Theoretic Process Analysis to Automated Test Scenario Generation
Tom Arne Pedersen, Principle Engineer, DNV 
Authors: Tom Arne Pedersen, Åse Neverlien, Jon Arne Glomsrud, Imran Ibrahim, Sigrid Marie Mo, Martin Rindarøy, Tobias Torben, Børge Rokseth
5.00pmClose of Day 1 (Online)
Exploring Changes to Operator Roles and Tasks in Transitioning Towards Increased Supervisory Control of Autonomous Collision Avoidance Systems
Koen van de Merwe, Principal Researcher/ PhD Student, DNV
Authors: Koen van de Merwe, Steven Mallam, Øystein Engelhardtsen, Salman Nazir
5.15pm Close of Day 1


Time Programme
 Track C:
Smart and Autonomous Shipping
Track D:
Green Shipping & Ports
 Chairman: Allan Magee, Director, Operations, Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS) & Edmund Brekke, Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Chairman: Dr Jasmine Lam, Center Director, Maritime Energy and Sustainable Development, NTU
The Role of the "Lookout" in an Autonomous Age
Chris Balls, Principal Surveyor, Cayman Registry 
Author: Christopher Balls
Big Data Driven Maritime Traffic Modelling and Optimization for Reducing Maritime Traffic Emission
Xiao Zhe, Scientist III, Institute of High Performance Computing 
Authors: Xiuju Fu, Zhe Xiao, Liye Zhang, Thoralf Noack, Robert Sausen, Christian Bahls, Michael Bergmann, Fabian Breitenstein, Mariano Mertens, Carsten Hilgenfeld, Diego Piedra-Garcia, Mickael Aubry, Chye Poh Chua, James Kim, Mikael Lind
Evaluation of Effectiveness of the STAMP / STPA in Risk Analysis of Autonomous Ship Systems

Tomoaki Yamada, Manager, ClassNK
Authors: Tomoaki Yamada, Rikiya Kuranobu, Junji Tokunaga, Ryo Watanabe, Hiroko Itoh, Megumi Shiokari, Tomohiro Yuzui
On Maritime Electrification – Electrification Technologies, Charging Infrastructure and Energy Management Strategies

Elsa Feng, Assistant Professor, Singapore Institute of Technology
Authors: Xue Feng, Eryan Bin Zainudin, Tseng King Jet, Kenneth Low Choon Ann
Wave-field Prediction Based on Radar Snapshots Taken on a Moving Vessel

LAW Yun Zhi, Research Engineer, Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore
Authors: Yun Zhi LAW, Harrif SANTO and Kie Hian CHUA
Biofuel Adoption Pathways for Cargo Vessels under Carbon Tax

XIAO ZENGQI, Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Maritime Energy & Sustainable Development Centre Of Excellence (MESD)
Authors: Zengqi XIAO, Jasmine Siu Lee LAM, 
Pivot to Autonomous Function Applications in the Marine and Offshore Industry
Lui Chih Wei, Senior Managing Principal Engineer, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Author: Chih Wei LUI
Integrated AGV Dispatching and Equipments Scheduling Problem with Speed Regulation

XING Zheng, PhD student, NUS Industrial system engineering
Authors: XING Zheng, LIU Haitao
10.00amMorning Coffee
Morning Coffee
Safety Factors Analysis of Autonomous Route Planning
Xiaoyu Li, Research Engineer, Seastel Marine System (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. 
Authors: Jinsong Xu, Rongwu Yang, Xiaoyu Li, Chunxiao Hou
Methanol as Fuel for Container Ships in Feeder Trade

Sobhith Komalavally Hariharan, Global Shipowner Newbuilding Support (SNS) Manager | Gas Technology Specialist, Lloyds Register
Author: Sobhith Komalavally Hariharan
Smart Maritime Autonomous Vessel (SMAV)

Chua Teun Yee, Senior Engineer, ST Engineering
Authors: CHUA Teun Yee, YUE Siew Peng
Abatement of GHG Emissions Onboard Mobile Offshore Units

Chunwee Ng, Principal Engineer, DNV
Authors: Chunwee Ng, Jizhao Li, Rakesh Mishra
Prediction of Tidal-Driven Coastal Currents using Convolutional Neural Network

Choo Jian Feng, Research Engineer, Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore
Authors: Jian Feng CHOO, Pavel TKALICH, Jeng Hei CHOW, Kie Hian CHUA
Effective Strategies to Decarbonize Singapore Maritime Sector – A Multi-Level Perspective and Comparative Assessment

Shivaprakash Rao, HOD Consulting and Energy Transition, BMT Singapore Pte Ltd
Authors: Shivaprakash Rao, Mahesh Lavand
Model Based Systems Engineering Approach for Crewless Autonomous Vessel Design and Safety Assessment
Takuya Nakashima, PhD Student, The University of Tokyo
Authors: Takuya Nakashima, Koji Kutsuna, Hideyuki Ando, Satoru Kuwahara, Hideaki Murayama
Green Technologies for Defence and Security Vessels

Ce Yang, Senior Programme Manager, Programme Office & Tong Chang Yi, Programme Manager & Lin Zhao, Principal Engineer (Marine Engineering), DSTA
Authors: Foo Ce Yang, Tong Chang Yi, Lin Zhao
Towards Autonomous Shipping: Key Findings and Recommendations from a Pilot Autonomous Tug Project in Singapore

Authors: Chen Zhuo, Aziz Merchant, Mahesh Krishnappa, Liza Chua, Lucas Yiew, Daniel Liu
A Flexible Solution for Scaling-up Ammonia Bunkering
Ganesan Kumaraprasad, Senior Engineer, Engineering Design, Product Design & Systems , Sembcorp Marine Integrated Yard Pte Ltd
Author: Kumaraprasad Ganesan
Development of Recommendations for Digital Testing of MASS Navigation Safety Prior to Sea Trials

Chua Kie Hian, Director, Special Duties (CEAOPS), Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore
Authors: Kie Hian CHUA, Savio COUTINHO, Aizad NORAHIM, Dimitrios Konovessis
E-Nav Industry to Support Transition from Safe to Sustainable Shipping by use of AI and Integrated Solutions
Bjørn Åge HJØLLO, Chief Sustainability Officer, NAVTOR AS 
Author: Bjørn Åge HJØLLO
Autonomous Vessels: Legal and Ethical Concerns

Marel Katsivela, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa faculty of law, programme de common law en français
Author: Marel Katsivela
Energy Transition and Future Business Models: The Case of the Port Industry

Alessio Tei, Associate Professor in Applied Economics & University of Genoa
Authors: Sara T. Vega Martinez, Alessio Tei
On the Use of Maritime Training Simulators with Humans in the Loop for Understanding and Evaluating Algorithms for Autonomous Vessels
Anete Vagale, PhD candidate, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 
Authors: Anete Vagale, Ottar L. Osen, Andreas Brandsæter, Christian Hovden, Helge Tor Kristiansen, and Robin T. Bye 
A Bibliometric Analysis of Seaport Related Emission Inventories

Flóra Zsuzsanna Gulyás, Research associate, Institute for Shipping Economics and Logistics
Authors: Flóra Zsuzsanna Gulyás, Patrick Specht, Marija Jovic
12.30pmNetworking LunchNetworking Lunch
Gap Analysis of the International Standards for the Development of the Digital Connectivity in the Autonomous Ship
Kwangil Lee, Professor, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
Author: Kwangil Lee
Route Optimization using a Hybrid Model on Weather and Ship's Data
Ulrik Jørgensen, Research Scientist, SINTEF Ocean 
Authors: Ulrik Jørgensen, Pauline Røstum Bellingmo, Svein Peder Berge, Brian Murray
Study on the Performance Analysis and Test Tool Development for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship
Kwangil Lee, Professor, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
Authors: Kwangil Lee, Yunseok Lee, Wonseok Jang
Towards Green and Sustainable Seaport Transport Systems via Enhancing Multimodal Transport Options for Passengers: A Case Study of Italian and Croatian Seaports of Ancona and Split

Miljen Sirotic, Research Fellow, Università Ca’ Foscari
Authors: Raffaele Pesenti, Miljen Sirotić
Q&A Segment
Kwangil Lee, Professor, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
Close of Day 2
New Rule Note NR681 for Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)
Jerome FAIVRE, Head of Digital & Autonomous Ships Rules, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore 
Author: Jerome FAIVRE
Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships: Automation Transparency for Passengers and Other Vessels

Ole Andreas Alsos, Associate Professor and Vice Dean of Innovation, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Authors: Ole Andreas Alsos, Oskar Kristoffer Skåden, Philip Hodne, Thomas Porathe
Collaborative Seafaring on Highly Automated Ships

Erik Veitch, PhD Candidate, Department of Design, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Authors: Erik Veitch, Kim Alexander Christensen, Markus Metallinos Log, Ole Andreas Alsos, Martin Steinert
3.00pmAfternoon Tea
milliAmpére: An Autonomous Ferry Prototype

Edmund Brekke, Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Authors: Edmund Brekke, Egil Eide, Bjørn-Olav Eriksen, Erik Wilthil, Morten Breivik, Even Skjellaug, Øystein Helgesen, Tor Arne Johansen
Designing Shore Control Centres in the Age of Autonomous Ships: The Case of Shore Control Lab
Ole Andreas Alsos, Associate Professor and Vice Dean of Innovation, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Authors: Ole Andreas Alsos, Felix Peterman, Erik Veitch, Kjetil Vasstein, Egil Eide, Morten Breivik
Development of an Advanced, Efficient and Green Intermodal System with Autonomous Inland and Short Sea Shipping – AEGIS

Authors: Stefan Krause, Lisa Wurzler, Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, Odd Erik Mørkrid, Kay Fjørtoft, Harilaos N. Psaraftis, Martina Reche Vilnova, Thalis Zis, Nelson F. Coelho, Jan van Tatenhove, Jesper Raakjær
Intelligent Operator Support Concepts for Shore Control Centers

Jasper van der Waa, Research Scientist, TNO
Authors: Hans van den Broek, Jasper van der Waa
On the Implementation and Deployment of a New Approach to Build a Rule-Based Expert System to Perform COLREGs Assessment Onboard a Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship
Paul Koch, Research Associate, Maritime Informatics, Fraunhofer CML 
Authors: Manfred Constapel, Paul Koch, Hans-Christoph Burmeister
Robust Autonomous Collision Avoidance Decision Making System for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships

Paul Lee, PhD Student & Research Assistant, University of Strathclyde
Authors: Paul Lee, Gerasimos Theotokatos; Evangelos Boulougouris
RBAT Study - Standardising and facilitating the Approval Process

Sifis Papageorgiou, Senior Project Officer, European Maritime Safety Agency
Authors: Sifis Papageorgiou, Sondre Øie
5.15pmClose of Day 2



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