Launch of Call for Abstracts for MTEC/ICMASS 2022

The International Maritime and Port Technology and Development Conference (MTEC) is one of the key maritime technology events during Singapore Maritime Week 2022. It is jointly organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and The Research Council of Norway (RCN), in partnership with Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) and SINTEF Ocean. It will be held in Singapore, from 6 to 7 April 2022, with a focus on Green Shipping and Ports, Maritime Safety and Maritime Digitalisation.

The 4th International Conference on Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (ICMASS) will be held in Singapore together with MTEC, with a special track on Smart and Autonomous Shipping. 

The Call for Abstracts for MTEC/ICMASS 2022 is now open. 

The topic for the abstract shall be one of the following:

a) Green Shipping and Ports
The areas of interest include but is not limited to:
• Maritime decarbonisation tools and approach, 
• Cleaner power and energy options,
• Intelligent technologies and systems to optimise energy use and reduce emissions on-board vessels,
• Eco-friendly ship designs and operations/operating paradigms, 
• Enhancement of terminal planning and operations to optimise energy demand, and
• Circular economy and resource management for terminals.

b) Smart and Autonomous Shipping
The areas of interest include but is not limited to:
• New technologies and systems for design and operations of smart and autonomous vessels,
• Management of operations in a mixed environment (with smart, remote-controlled and autonomous vessels),
• On-shore support requirements for smart and autonomous fleet, and
• New skill sets and assessment standards for smart and autonomous fleet operators.

c) Maritime Safety
The areas of interest include but is not limited to:
• Risk analysis, modelling and control tools, 
• Advanced navigation systems, 
• Smart safety equipment and systems, 
• Emergency and oil spill response, incident analysis and management, 
• Human factors in maritime safety and 
• Immersive tools and technologies for training.

d) Maritime Digitalisation, Connectivity and Cybersecurity
The areas of interest include but is not limited to:
• Optimisation of port operations with digitalisation and data analytics
• Digital twin development to enhance design of ports and vessels, safe and secure ship-shore communications, 
• Digital integration of various stakeholder systems to streamline processes, 
• Big data analytics to support vessel/fleet management, 
• Artificial Intelligence to support decision-making, and 
• Cybersecurity.

You may submit your abstract for an oral presentation. The submission template can be found here

Please submit your abstract at this Google Form Link or via email to

The deadline for submission of the abstract is 31 October 2021.

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